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Steps For Designing Plush Toys

Here is Car Neck Cushion Manufacturer talking about Steps for designing plush toys. 
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The design of the plush toy goes through the following design steps:
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1. Introduction of information: Focus on the collection of cartoons and styling, draw useful things from them, add creative and individual things that boldly exert imagination, and record these design ideas.
2. Concentration of information: After designing the idea, the next step is to screen these programs and select the best design to modify.
3. Determine the plan: The design should measure various factors from different angles and according to various indicators, and determine the final plan after considering the whole.
4. Design renderings: design renderings for us is the best expression, it is required to be colored. Only in this way can we express our ideas to the design supervisors for higher-level research in order to achieve the best design results.
5. Three-dimensional piece: This is the most effective and simple method, it only requires black and white. It simplifies the complex process of transforming a two-dimensional concept into a three-dimensional concept, which is a representation of all the molding lines that we want to cut and stitch.
6. The use of cut pieces: the pieces of plush toys similar to the clothing pieces, but the clothing pieces are more regular, and the pieces of plush toys are ever-changing, each set determines a three-dimensional animal form It determines the shape of the design, it is also the most complicated and cumbersome design.
7. Trial production of design samples: This process can also be said to be the process of designing the pieces to be adjusted to the closest design effect after repeated trial and error. Of course, it is better to achieve the same effect or even more than the effect of the design.
8.Determine the piece: the best effect of the piece after the trial we will determine it, and draw it, including materials, color, hair direction and so on.
After the piece was determined, our design came to an end, and then there was a cooperation between design and production. The designer needed to instruct the workers to produce, so that the designed products would continue to flow into the market.
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