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What Is The Size Of The Home Fabric Sofa?

Here is Kids Comfortable Pillow Blanket Supplier talking about What is the size of the home fabric sofa. 
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Nowadays, home sofas are indispensable. According to the actual home decoration needs, the size requirements of the sofas are also different. What is the size of the home fabric sofa? This is also a major consideration for users. The size and style of the sofa, the choice of self-home space and design and matching, the selection of the appropriate sofa design, more at home.

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1. Home Fabric Sofa Size - Single Sofa

From now on, the single sofa is still more common, it is a more classic sofa design. The single-person sofa is more suitable for small-sized home decoration, and the size is generally about 90cm*90cm*40cm, and the height of the back is about 90cm. When you choose, you can adjust it according to your own home needs and have a good mix.

2. Household fabric sofa size - double sofa
Of course, the double sofa is also used more, and the use of small apartment decoration is also more. The design of the double sofa is quite different. According to different homes, the design is also different. Generally, the double sofa is about 90cm*120cm*90cm, which can be adjusted according to the needs.

3. Household fabric sofa size - three-seat sofa
The three-seat sofa is also a lot in the home nowadays, which is a good choice for small and medium-sized apartment decoration. The size of the three-seat sofa can also be adjusted relatively well, and its length will be longer, about 1900cm, and the depth is about 90cm, which can be lengthened to meet the needs of the actual home use.

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