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How To Drive A Car Beauty Shop?

Today we Auto Head Rest Pillow Manufacturers come to summarize How To Drive A Car Beauty Shop.
1. Location advantage:
The business center area has high recognition for customers and good advertising results. When car owners need car beauty services, the underground parking lot in the central business district will be the first choice for car owners.
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2. Advertising advantages:
An advertisement for a car beauty shop is usually placed at the entrance to the underground parking lot, which attracts both customers and diversion. When the car enters the underground parking lot, the speed is very slow, and placing billboards is likely to attract high attention from customers.

3. More potential customers:
In the underground parking lot of the central business district, it is a place where good cars gather, and the flow of cars is relatively large. The cars parked in the parking lot every day are basically not repeated. Such a large source of tourists is located in the underground of the car beauty shop. Parking is a great choice.

4. Decoration design is easy:
The underground parking lot is one after another, and the decoration design is simple and the actual effect is good.

5. Low rent:
This advantage is more obvious and critical. Generally speaking, according to the area occupied by each parking space and the annual rent, the daily price per square meter is about 0.5 yuan (about 15 yuan per square meter per month). This price is unbelievable on the ground and cannot be rented at all. This provides a guarantee for the easy profitability of the store.

6. Relieve ground traffic congestion:
In the big direction, opening a car wash beauty shop in the underground parking lot can alleviate traffic congestion on the ground. If it is windy and rainy in bad weather, you can avoid soiling the body again after washing.

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