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Adding a tail to add color and practicality to the car

We are Car Cushion Blanket Manufacturer talking about Adding a tail to add color and practicality to the car.

If your car has been attached to the sun film and fitted with a wheel eyebrow, it means you must be a greedy car owner. Just like a person, often the neglect of detail of clothing will destroy the image of the whole person, and your car, will it give an image of an anticlimactic because there are no "beautiful buttocks"?

The modification and beautification of the rear of the car can be divided into several parts: the tail, the crystal lamp, the exhaust pipe, and the surrounding. In addition to the surrounding and crystal lamps only play the role of dressing up the car, other components can beautify the performance of the vehicle at the same time. In addition to the surrounding, the lamp, the modification of the non-exhaust pipe that is the finishing touch on the decoration is the "tail throat".
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The so-called "tail throat" is the tail section of the exhaust pipe of the car, and a part of the tail section is exposed outside the car, which becomes part of the appearance of the car. A pair of shaped tail throats not only gives a strong and powerful feeling but also complements the surrounding of the vehicle, the wheel eyebrows, and other accessories. The easiest way is to put a beautiful stainless steel sheath on the end of the exhaust pipe. Its advantage is that it is cheap, easy to install, and will not have any impact on the original car. If you have to say the shortcoming, it is because of this. The length of the sheath is too short, and the traces of the "sleeve" can be found from some angles. In addition to the decorative tailpipe, the tailpipe can be installed with a tailpipe with improved car function according to the owner's needs. If you need to speed up, you can install the back pressure type; if you need to increase the horsepower, you can install the inline type. The latter installation is very noisy and it hurts the engine during use. Such changes are only used in the car modification of daily vehicles and are not promoted by the conversion engineer.

The tail is also a part of the car owners' attention. The simple decorative tail can only beautify the car to make the car look more combative, and the professionally modified tail can play the wind guide in the process of high-speed driving. The flow makes the tires more gripper and more stable. In the process of beautification of the rear of the car, you must also pay attention to the difference between the sedan and the hatchback. Due to the different design of the car, you should pay attention to different size choices when choosing the decoration modification. Otherwise, the original sedan The supplies were used on the hatchback, which appeared to be uncoordinated but did not play a role in beautification.
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