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What Is A Car Headrest?

Today we Car Headrest Waist Pillow manufacturer come to summarize What Is A Car Headrest.
When the vehicle is rear-ended, the human body will fall back due to inertia. At this time, the acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle is concentrated on the fragile neck and head of the human body, and the headrest cushions the human head.

Mainly divided into two categories, one is not adjustable, the other is adjustable. The adjustable headrest is divided into manual adjustable and automatic adjustable. Among them, the manual adjustment can only be used for one-way adjustment of height, while the automatic adjustment can be adjusted automatically in two-dimensional direction.

Car Headrest Waist Pillow Manufacturer

The automobile headrest belongs to one of the national automobile vehicle mandatory certification testing items and has strict regulations on materials, strength, energy absorption, position, and size. In the current national standards, only the front seat of the car is equipped with a car headrest. The rear seat is equipped with a car headrest and there is no mandatory regulation. The foreign car standards such as the European Union do not have a headrest for the rear seat. This is mandatory.
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